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Crystal Meanings | Are they Reliable?

 Do you find that your usual crystal meanings and usual go-to correspondences are dependable? 

3 Things You Want to Know Before You Start Working with Crystals

 Are you new to working with crystals?

I’m going to share three things you want to know before you start working with crystals.

Attracting MONEY, Success + Abundance into your life with Crystals

 We know that crystals have many amazing healing properties, but they can also be used to attract money, success, prosperity & abundance by being a vibrational match to that type of energy, that frequency. 

Top 4 Crystals to Work with Moon Energy

 Let’s talk about crystals we can use to work with moon energy. Whether it be for the full moon, new moon or any phase of the moon. 

New Crystal Fakes To Keep An Eye Out For

 One of my greatest joys is investigating and researching possible fake minerals and then teaching our Crystal Family about what’s popping up out there, keeping us educated so we can avoid the confusion that comes along with misrepresentations and crystal fakes.  

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